Monday, December 17, 2012

Tips for Great Christmas Season Photos and Videos

Here are a few tips to remember when taking photographs or shooting video this Christmas Season.

  1.  Take pictures or shoot videos – you have to take the pictures or shoot the video in order to have them as memories.  So don’t be lazy start snapping the photos and creating the videos.
  2. Timing - is everything.  Anticipate a moment and capture it as it happens.  The idea is to capture a moment in time - be patient and you will be rewarded.
  3. Lighting – did you know that photography means “painting with light”?  Lighting sets the mood of what you capture.  You can take a photograph in the morning light and take the same picture in the evening twilight and you will create two photos of the same thing but both portray completely different feelings.  Light is the biggest contributor in conveying the story in your photograph or video.
  4.  Subject – The subject of your photograph or video captures the spirit.  It tells a clear story which is undeniable.  Keep it simple.  Capturing a sense of motion or emotion provides a powerful message.
  5.  Composition – make sure what you capture feels balanced and doesn’t give the feeling of falling off the page or give that awkward feeling when looking at it.  Your photographs and videos should be pleasing to the eye.  Use the “Rule of Thirds” – (not sure what the “Rule of Thirds” is check it out here ).

Go out take some great photographs or create some awesome videos and post us an update on how you did.  If you feel brave enough, post your best photograph or video on our Facebook page so everyone can have a look.  Just post the one you think is your best – we will post the best ones on our website and Facebook page giving you the credit for a great photograph or video.