Friday, December 21, 2012

If I had Six Months to Live

If I had six months to live what would I do?  I would consider myself lucky.  Most who face death do not receive forewarning resulting in no opportunity to make the proper arrangements, say the right things or have the chance to make things right.  Once I got over the initial shock I would cry.  I would give myself some time, maybe a day,  to feel sorry for my plight but that would be it.  Honestly, I am not afraid to die.  I am at peace with my fate regardless of what may come.

Recently, I ran the question by my wife.  I then told her what my plan would be.  First, I would quit my job and ask my wife to do the same.  Then I would get rid of my smart phone.  The house would go up for sale; taking the best offer.  I would cash in my stock options, company stock, 401K and other investments.  Our motor home would become our residence for the next few months.  We would travel to all the places we have dreamed about going to visit, we would visit family and friends and I would keep a journal documenting our travels.  I would leave the journal for my wife to read once I had passed.  In my journal I would tell my wife how lucky a man I was to spend my life with her.  I would tell her how each of the remaining days spent together meant so much to me.

After traveling I would help my wife select a new home – for a fresh start.  My wife asked, “Why do we need to sell the house?   I told her I felt it only right so that the memories of the house we shared for twenty four years didn’t haunt her.  I know for me, it would be very difficult to continue living in the house that has so many memories of a life together.

Next, I would throw a party to celebrate my life.  I would invite family and friends, have lots of food and drink and let everyone know how much I love them.  At the party I would address my guests.  I would ask them not to grieve when I pass but rather celebrate a great and wonderful life and to find comfort in knowing that I lived life to its fullest potential, that I loved each of them and that my spirit will live on.

I would spend time with my children and grandchildren.  Whatever was left of any money and my wife approving, I would split between them rather than waiting until I passed.  We also own a farm.  I would spend time there with my wife, children and grand children.  I would tell them that it is my wish for the land to stay in the family equally divided between them and my wife.  I would express to them if they no longer wanted the land once my wife and I are gone it is to go to charity.

I hope I am fortunate enough to receive forewarning that my days are numbered.  But, knowing that is not always the case I live life to its fullest, I let people know I love and care about them, and I take one day at a time.  Each day I pray for guidance and each night when I lay in bed I thank my god for the day’s good fortune.